top of page provides piano accompaniment tracks to Lieder, mélodies, songs and arias. Every singer knows how unsatisfying it is to sing to a metronomic accompaniment track! By contrast, these tracks have been phrased to allow the singer time for expression and breathing while preserving the flow and pulse of the music. Songs and arias are available in a variety of tempos, and songs are also available in a variety of keys. Choose the one that fits your voice and your interpretation!

The accompaniments are performed by pianist George Peachey, a vocal accompanist and coach in the Washington, DC area, who has been playing for singers for over 30 years. Critics have called him “an exemplary accompanist” who plays with “sensitive expertise."

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Photo by Morris Simon, The Simon Firm for The Embassy Series

George in concert with tenor Rafal Bartminski

By Morris Simon, The Simon Firm for The Embassy Series

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